The cold does not spare our skin, which does not thank it. The wind, negative temperatures, rain, the transition from hot to cold are all elements that weaken the epidermis. Result ? The skin feels tight, irritated for nothing, facial redness sets in. It is essential to protect your skin against the frosts of winter to help it pass the course in beauty and above all in comfort. Everything is played in the basket with a diet rich in fatty acids and vegetables, without forgetting regular physical activity and an appropriate lifestyle. In summary ? We eat healthy, we move, and we pamper our skin with ultra-comforting treatments.

winter plate

At this time of year, it is important to strengthen our immune defenses to help our body fight against the cold by providing it with all the necessary nutrients , and it's already on the plate that it's happening with new ingredients. who are on the rise.

Kombucha for example, this "living drink" is prepared from a sweet solution of black tea. Rich in probiotics and micro-nutrients, it would have the power to strengthen the immune defenses and improve digestion. On the skin side, Kombucha has an anti-bacterial and regenerating action with, as a bonus, an action on cell renewal and skin radiance. It is also full of antioxidants that fight against the appearance of wrinkles, and its richness in vitamin B makes it the ally of skin in search of firmness. Used in the form of vinegar in rinsing water, it effectively cleanses the scalp.

Adaptogenic mushrooms also hide treasures of benefits: tremelle or ashwangandha increase the skin's resistance to different types of stress and fight against fatigue, their virtues are similar to those of ginseng. Do-it-yourself bone broth , a broth you get after boiling carcasses like chicken or beef for a long time. Nothing glamorous on paper, yet this collagen-rich recipe helps digestion and promotes cell detoxification. Even better prepared with a few vegetables, spices and a hint of cider vinegar. Spirulina is a little better known, this micro-algae already used by the Aztecs is an immune system booster. Rich in protein, it is also called the “steak of the sea”. It is known to exert a real anti-free radical action on the epidermis (free radicals = premature aging of the skin), and protects it from external aggressions. With it, the skin is visibly more beautiful and healthier. Let's finish with moringa , a tropical tree native to the Himalayas, its leaves are well known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. To consume in herbal tea.

Winter sport and various sports, stop facial redness!

Even if it is a little more difficult to motivate yourself to practice a sport in winter, it is an activity to be favored even by 2 degrees. Walk, run, ski, the cold strengthens the immune defenses and stimulates serotonin, the happiness hormone. A benefit that also works after a Pilates or yoga session! Outdoor sport is still the most energizing option: even if it's cold, the winter sun stimulates the production of vitamin D , which is essential for bone strength. Before a sports session, take care to insulate your skin with a protective face cream , insisting on fragile areas (cheeks, lips, above the ears). A word of advice, protect your upper body warmly and dress your lower body more lightly, the legs are in motion and “heat up” first during sporting activity.

Facial redness? Comfort your skin

Redness on the face, feelings of tightness, loss of elasticity, these are some of the symptoms that appear on skin subjected to low temperatures. But that is not a fatality, on the contrary. The Soothing and Repairing Cream is a cream for facial redness formulated with Freshwater Collagen ® . It nourishes, repairs and regenerates skin weakened by the cold, calms feelings of tightness, soothes redness and fights against irritation. His extra thing? It is enriched with pomegranate oil, Punic acid and balloonvine extract which diffuse their soothing properties to the epidermis. A care to apply as often as necessary on the skin as soon as it feels the need. Winter is here ? Not even afraid !

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