DERMO IONIQ stands out thanks to its major and unique innovation: HN7C™ , High Nutrition Collagen, a bioactive complex composed of 7 molecular weights of collagen. It is the culmination of 10 years of R&D and clinical tests to achieve irreproachable efficacy. Our patented specific extraction process and its strict protocol have made it possible to create HN7C™ , an exceptional bioactive, 100% natural. An exceptional raw material, the purest on the market.


It is characterized by a strong nutritional power which accelerates cell renewal twice as fast. At the heart of DERMO IONIQ care, it acts simultaneously on the elasticity, regeneration and youthfulness of the skin. Composed of three different collagens: native, gel and hydrolyzed, it is also distinguished from other types of collagen by its level of amino acids (proline, glycine and hydroxypoline) above the overall average. The characterization of the 7 different molecular weights brings an intelligent dimension to this HN7C™ collagen since it covers a spectrum of actions that does not exist in other forms of collagen: it protects the surface of the epidermis and regenerates the skin in depth while by stimulating the cohesion of scar tissue.


10 years of research and experimentation is the time it took to give birth to HN7C™ , an exceptional collagen unlike any other. It is in French waters and more precisely in New Aquitaine, that Dermoioniq produces its own Collagen. To extract this unique molecule, the laboratory conducted many experiments for years. The upgrading of sturgeon skins from the noble New Aquitaine caviar sector has proven to be the most qualitative and effective solution for extracting a raw material of excellence. The quality of HN7C™ is also the result of its innovative extraction process carried out in a 100% responsible approach and always in short circuit. Finally, we have 100% traceability, from the embryo, through the extraction, to the finished product.


Nutritional potency that acts twice as quickly on cell regeneration



Pesticides, heavy metals & water pollution



Pure collagen with 99% protein and 1% mineral salts



Natural, traceable and controlled



The only bioactive on the market with 7 molecular measures of collagen