Blurry complexion and small skin problems, the holidays have left some scars, but January comes at the right time to go green and reconnect with a radiant complexion like a spring morning. Our In & Out program extends over 30 days and is based on a natural and easy-to-follow detox to reconnect with inner and outer well-being .

Are you eligible for the detox?

How do you know if you need a detox program ? Some symptoms are unmistakable: if you have abused fatty and sugary foods during the holidays, that you are tired but you have difficulty falling asleep, that you have dull skin and dull hair , that you're depressed or feeling stressed, it's time to adopt the detox attitude. The idea is not to go on a diet but to eliminate all the toxins that clutter the body with the implementation of targeted and complementary actions.

Detox program: Happiness is in the plants

Plants contain many properties that it would be a shame to ignore with an incredibly varied and natural pharmacy. Treatment with plants, otherwise known as Phytotherapy , relieves many ailments and has the ability to drain and detoxify the body when it needs it most, especially after the holidays. What is expected of them at this time of year?

- Eliminate acids through the kidneys.

- Detoxify the liver.

- Promote the elimination of toxins through the skin.

But which plants to choose without making a mistake?

First of all, seek advice from a professional, pharmacist or naturopath, it is he who will guide you in your selection, but you should know that draining and detoxifying plants are often common foods such as artichoke, fennel or Black radish.

To detoxify the liver, dandelion, milk thistle, black radish are very effective. They can be consumed in the form of food supplements and ideally in combination with a diet based on vegetables with depurative properties such as eggplant, apples, lettuce, green beans.

It is also important to act on our intestines, our famous second brain. Indeed, gently activating transit helps to detoxify the body : flax, dandelion, triphala stimulate transit and as a bonus manage to capture toxins from the body. On the plate, we opt for prunes, oat bran, leeks, zucchini, persimmon, in short, foods rich in fiber . Remember this little phrase that says it all: "when the intestine is fine, everything is fine!" ".

The kidneys can also be called upon to evacuate waste and stimulate the body's work of elimination: meadowsweet, birch bark, mouse-ear hawk-weed have a diuretic effect . On the menu, we focus on asparagus, fennel, garlic, cucumber, green tea and generally low mineral waters (Mont Roucous, Volvic, Evian).

Intermittent fasting, reconnect with the right eating rhythm

Unlike classic fasting , which consists of stopping almost all food intake for several days (apart from water and fruit and vegetable juices), intermittent fasting consists of alternating phases of diet and food intake over shorter periods of time. Example ? You allow yourself an 8-hour food intake that you follow with a 16-hour diet. This "greening" of the body eliminates toxins while putting the body at rest.

The most commonly recommended fasts are:

- On 16/8 or 10/14 which allows you to keep a social life outside (no lunch but dinner is kept).

- 1/2 (every other day)

- The 5/2 (5 days of diet the week, a normal diet the weekend).

Intermittent fasting allows you to stretch out the night phase when you don't eat and give the body more time to process the food you eat. The consequence of fasting is therefore a natural detoxification of the body, a slight loss of weight and a more intense feeling of hunger and satiety. Be careful, however, to take advice from a specialist to accompany you, he will be able to advise you on the program best suited to your needs.

Aloe vera, drink and detox

Aloe vera is a perennial plant native to Egypt or the Middle East, it is known for its many properties, including moisturizing and anti-inflammatory . Taken orally, it helps reduce the toxic load in the body by cleansing and purifying the liver and kidneys. It also acts on sluggish intestines by stimulating transit, and would be an excellent anti-stress bonus, a plant that is definitely good.

How do we consume it?

It is often offered in the form of a gel in a bottle and recommended as a one-month cure twice a year, especially after the holidays to purify the body. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and contraindications.

Purified skin, radiant complexion

Acting from the inside is good, acting from the outside is even better. Choose the Illuminating & Regulating Concentrate . Formulated from Fresh Water Collagen ® , this serum combines two major active ingredients including Centella asiatica which soothes skin inflammation and redness induced by stress, and star lily extract which evens out and awakens the skin. radiance of the complexion. The result is visible after a few days: small imperfections fade, the skin is smoother and even, the complexion visibly brighter.

A little advice, live this program as a saving break and not a constraint, good resolutions are often the ones that do the most good for morale!

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