Emanuele Monderna, physiotherapist, studied for 15 years the biomedical on the regeneration and healing of tissues. He obtained his DU in Aromatherapy at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Strasbourg with a thesis on transdermal molecular passage by radiofrequency. He is experimenting with formulas around a protein that is naturally present in the body but which is diminishing over the years…collagen. By combining this active ingredient with radiofrequency, Emanuele demonstrates that collagen has a major conduction promoting faster tissue repair.

From 2020 he created DERMO IONIQ, a cosmetics brand, resulting from medical research that draws its strength from the creation of a unique bioactive collagen complex on the market: HN7C™ .

“The radiofrequency required the use of conductive cream that did not exist on the market. I decided to formulate myself and invent this 100% natural cream composed of active ingredients. The DERMO IONIQ adventure is launched! »


With its expertise, Emanuele Monderna, develops a line of care, in medical device (Class 1) for beauty professionals. They target each skin problem: wrinkles, radiance, imperfections, elasticity...Natural, effective, non-aggressive treatments, designed to act post-acting and in various aesthetic procedures: facelift by Endolaserlift, healing after Blepharosplaty, treatment of micro-dermabrasion… Very quickly, these professionals integrated DERMO IONIQ into their protocols. The brand imposes itself in the world of non-invasive aesthetic medicine. A patented professional line, with conductive properties that can be used alone or with aesthetic technologies to amplify their performance.

“Throughout my career, I have sought to identify the most effective formula to work towards one goal: wound healing and skin care”.


HN7C™ collagen is at the heart of our formulas. This natural bioactive - with strong nutritional power - acts simultaneously on the elasticity, the acceleration of cell renewal and the youthfulness of the skin. It is associated with our powerful plant active ingredients to act in synergy on the regeneration, balance and restructuring of the skin. DERMO IONIQ has the will to offer unique and effective care.

Today, a cosmetic line has been developed for daily home use, it is intended for all those who pay particular attention to the health and beauty of their skin.
"From the beginning of the DERMO adventure IONIQ , we wanted to meet high standards to guarantee professionals and individuals effective products with rapid effects. »