Let anyone who has never heard of collagen throw us their first anti-wrinkle cream ! An active ingredient recognized for its anti-ageing and moisturizing powers, collagen has been a trust for several years in aesthetic medicine and the world of cosmetics.

Marine collagen, Freshwater Collagen ® , natural collagen, which collagen to choose?

The most common is marine collagen from the skin, scales or fish bones. A newcomer to the segment and already recognized for its exceptional regenerative power, Collagen d'Eau Douce ® made a remarkable entrance with no less than three patents. A unique asset that has its source in the clear waters of the Dordogne.

Where does Freshwater Collagen ® come from ?

The Freshwater Collagen ® used by Dermoioniq comes from the skin of sturgeons reared in New Aquitaine and intended for the production of caviar. This high quality and 100% Made in France collagen has been the subject of three patents after several years of research carried out by Emanuele Monderna, Founder of the brand.

Why three patents?

The first patent relates to the extraction of collagen, a collagen from sturgeon raised in a river recognized by UNESCO without heavy metals. Obtaining our collagen has 100% traceability. Another patented innovation, Freshwater Collagen ® is the only one in the world to have 7 molecular weights compared to 3 for classic collagen. Result, it acts as much in depth with a strong power of regeneration, as on the surface where it plays a protective role of the skin. The third patent relates to the dual purpose of Dermoioniq care, which is used in combination with medical technologies, and in daily care for individuals.

Freshwater Collagen ® , the results on the skin

Freshwater Collagen ® acts visibly and proven on the quality of the skin. All skin types are also concerned, and all find a solution to their problem, including people suffering from dermatological problems (acne, brown spots, redness, scars, etc.). A strong but kept promise through the formulation of medical devices offered as a 30-day cure and cosmetic products.

Reminder on the role of collagen

Natural collagen is a protein naturally present in our body and particularly in the epidermis. It is at the origin of the elasticity and good hydration of the skin. Problem, with age, its production decreases, already 1% from 25 years. This is where Dermoioniq treatments come in by reactivating the natural production of collagen . Uncompromising, highly effective and long-lasting care, centered around a flagship ingredient, Freshwater Collagen ® , always associated with plant active ingredients carefully selected for their naturalness.

Our skincare products contain an average of 30% natural collagen in Dermoioniq formulas, a level unique in the world!

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