Lack of light, cold, fatigue, in winter the skin tends to look gray , and maybe we tend to pamper it less simply because outings are rarer in very cold weather (we are too comfortable at home !) and that when she takes the air, she is often hidden under a big scarf. Error ! Because it is right at this time that the skin requires special attention. Good news, our Illuminating & Regulating Concentrate is just at the right time to restore the skin's radiance and illuminate the complexion .

The keys to brilliance!

What is glowing skin and why is it considered such? A radiant skin is above all a healthy skin, in good health, perfectly hydrated and devoid of imperfections (traces of acne, brown spots that darken the complexion). The loss of radiance is very often the result of an accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin which create an “opaque” film. It can also be the consequence of an excess of sebum which clogs the pores of the skin and “blurs” the complexion leading to the appearance and even the long-term installation of blackheads, pimples and micro-cysts . Brown spots are also responsible for a lack of radiance by installing diffuse and heterogeneous areas of shadow on the face.

Formulated to treat and illuminate

No magic wand in our Concentrate A, but a radical formula able to treat the skin in depth and restore radiance on the surface. If we find Freshwater Collagen®, the all-powerful heart of our formulas with exceptional regenerative power, we have added Centella Asiatica, an Asian plant that can "do almost everything", but above all capable of acting effectively on skin imperfections and even complexion. As a bonus in the formula? The sea lily (otherwise called star lily), this protected species is cultivated on the sandy shores of Europe and subjected to difficult environmental conditions (aridity, wind, sun). Its compounds have the ability to slow down the excessive transport of melanin and the appearance of dark spots.

The results ?

After only a few days of use, the skin is visibly more even , imperfections (blackheads, pimples, redness) fade. It is smoother and more regular , soft and supple to the touch. Brown spots also seem less visible, radiance is revived. An ultra-active little bomb, a gifted complexion illuminator that achieves real feats that can be quickly seen in front of the bathroom mirror.

Let's talk little, let's talk numbers

Skin radiance: 76% of people satisfied*

Skin balance: 74% of people satisfied*

Improvement in the general appearance of the skin: 72% of people satisfied*

Unified skin: 78% of people satisfied*

100% of volunteers would recommend the product!

For who ?

For all skin types (dry, oily, combination or sensitive) in search of radiance and light, those wishing to reconnect with flawless skin. All ages can be affected by these issues.

*After 28 days of use

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