THE Water Collagen Douce ® , a unique patented active ingredient

Dermoioniq has developed a unique range of medical cosmetic care made of Collagen from E au Douce® specialized in tissue regeneration.

Indeed, the Collagen is a major and recognized asset in tissue cohesion.

Until At present, there was only so-called “marine” collagen, the origin of which cannot be guaranteed (type of animal, area of ​​origin, extraction process, etc.).

Emanuele Monderna , founder of the brand and physiotherapist practicing in the Périgord, is naturally close to the farms of sturgeons belonging At label " Caviar from Aquitaine ". These fish are raised in the pure waters of the Dordogne and in an exceptional quality setting for a period of 7 to 10 years. At the time of the "sacrifice" for the production of caviar, the skins are then valued as raw material.

After 7 years of research , Dermoioniq has implemented a unique extraction process to propose A original collagen control and of Ultra High Quality : thus was born the patented active ingredient Water Collagen Soft® .

From the doctor's office to the pharmacy

Today it is the flagship active ingredient in a range present in 2 markets:

A professional range Already available to practitioners association with the medical technologies (lasers, radiofrequencies,…) at the doctors, dermatologists at the forefront of novelty. Until then, there were only creams conductive from petrochemicals that can be used in practice with medical technologies. Dermoioniq's goal is to "boost" effectiveness with a natural formulation.

Today our offer " General public » makes it possible to prolong the benefits of treatments or to benefit from these formulas at home.

Pharmagora is therefore an opportunity to present our treatments to decision-makers in Pharmacies.

The values ​​of Dermoiioniq: Naturalness, Respect, Efficiency

100% Made in France , today is a successful challenge for Premium Dermoioniq care who answer to expectations consumers.

99 % natural active ingredients , this is the sign of a formulation that combines THE best of the marine world (THE Water Collagen Sweet® patented) and the best in the vegetable world .

Dermoioniq responds to customers who want respectful cosmetics but without compromising on efficiency .

Accompanied by strong communication campaigns (press, social networks, etc.), Dermoioniq wants to become a major player in Premium cosmetics in pharmacies .

Come and discover and test Dermoiioniq treatments at booth C194. Our sales team will be available.

If you are impatient, you can already contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 0553882560.


PharmagoraPlus Fair
Hall 4 - Paris Exhibition Center
1 Place de la Porte de Versailles
75015 Paris - FRANCE

Dates and times:
March 12 and 13 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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