Dermo Active Restructuring Protective Cream - 10ml

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- Accelerates the restructuring of the dermis
- Strengthens and repairs weakened skin
- Densifies the dermis for optimum anti-aging action

The Dermo Active Restructuring Protective Cream is enriched with carefully selected natural active ingredients to accelerate the restructuring of the dermis, to soothe, protect and strengthen the skin. Its unique combination of active ingredients has been created to give velvety skin. Its capacity of 10ml allows it to be practical and to accompany you everywhere.


The result of 15 years of experience and 6 years of development, the Dermo Active Restructuring cream provides a soothing effect, it protects and accelerates the restructuring of the dermis thanks to its combination of active ingredients.

DERMO ACTIVE cream soothes, protects and restructures the dermis. Its texture allows you to have a velvety skin.

These efficacy tests show a real action on the density of the dermis, on the oxygenation of the epidermis and its regeneration effects are proven.

Dermo Active cream:

REGENERATING ACTION: Increased proliferation and migration of growth bud keratinocytes from the 4th day of application.

ANTI-AGEING ACTION: Density of the dermis clearly increased from the 4th day of application.

Made in France – New Aquitaine

* CE class 1 medical device, conductive with medical technologies in accordance with the provisions of European directive 93/42/EC Class 1

HN7C™ Collagen The bioactive HN7C™ collagen complex comes from the skin of organically fed sturgeons intended for caviar, the most controlled and traceable food product in the world. It is composed of 3 different molecular weights that allow different and optimal penetration. Its role: protects the surface of the epidermis and stimulates the cohesion of scar tissue and regenerates the skin in depth. Pomegranate oil Pomegranate fruits are cold pressed to obtain pomegranate oil: a certified ORGANIC natural restorative antioxidant, rich in fatty acids and without preservatives. It stimulates cell formation, increases skin elasticity and regenerates tissues. Also known for its anti-inflammatory effect. Punicalagin

Extracted from pomegranate peel, specific pomegranate polyphenols (punical agin) demonstrated antioxidant and anti-genotoxic activity; the antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice is 3 times more powerful than that of green tea, for example. Studies also show beneficial effects as a cancer inhibitor. Blackcurrant seed oil Blackcurrant seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6, to act on inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier. It also preserves the natural hydration of the skin. Marine spring water Drawn from a depth of more than 22 meters in the north of Brittany on a natural site, this water acts on the vitality of the skin and its hydration. Filtered by sand and a network of granite faults, it is naturally enriched in minerals and trace elements, which gives it a unique composition, rich in manganese and silica. Marine spring water promotes good circulation of intracutaneous water and strengthens communication between dermis and epidermis. Sagging of the dermo-epidermal junction is limited, the natural elasticity of the skin is preserved. 97.6% INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN. PETROCHEMICAL FREE INGREDIENTS: AQUA (WATER) - CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE - SQUALANE - MARIS AQUA (SEA WATER) - OCTYLDODECANOL - PUNICA GRANATUM (POMEGRANATE) SEED OIL - PROPANEDIOL - HYDROXYETHYL ACRYLATE/SODIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETHYL TAURATE COPOLYMER - RIBES NIGRUM (BLACK CURRANT) SEED OIL - HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL UNSAPONIFIABLES - GLYCERIN - COLLAGEN - SORBITAN ISOSTEARATE - MELALEUCA QUINQUENERVIA OIL - CARDIOSPERMUM HALICACABUM FLOWER/LEAF/VINE EXTRACT - SOPHORA JAPONICA FLOWER EXTRACT - PUNICA GRANATUM PERICARP EXTRACT - ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (ROSEMARY ANTRACT) - LEAF EXTRACT SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL - GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE - DEHYDROACETIC ACID - BIOSACCHARIDE GUM-1 - SODIUM LEVULINATE - SODIUM ANISATE - CITRIC ACID - TOCOPHEROL - BENZYL ALCOHOL - LIMONENE.


In daily care, morning and evening, it revitalizes your skin. It will be applied punctually and in a localized way to soothe and repair your epidermis.

1/ Carefully and gently cleanse your skin

2/ Place a dab of cream on your hand

3/ Apply to the affected area in a circular massage until completely absorbed

This treatment is applied to the face and body.


7 molecular weights

A collagen whose size has been reduced seven times to penetrate all areas of the skin, even the deepest.

We explain to you: HN7C™ has seven molecular weights ranging from a high weight of more than 300 kDa to act on the surface and protect the skin, to a very low weight of less than 0.5 kDa to penetrate deeply. Thus, HN7C™ is an intelligent bioactive, which offers unique properties to regenerate and heal your skin at each layer of the skin.


Origin: organically fed sturgeon from the Caviar d'Aquitaine sector.
Form: a unique extraction which makes it possible to obtain a solution of fresh and liquid collagen — patented coupling of gel, native and hydrolyzed collagen — while intensifying its natural virtues.
Quality: premium
Category: type 1 and type 2 (cosmetics and nutri-cosmetics)
Research & clinical tests: 10 years of R&D and numerous tests proving its healing power (increased cell regeneration, increased healing over length and thickness) and increased density of the dermis at D+10 .
Guarantees: a very high rate of amino acids, fresh, pure (without heavy metals or pesticides), 100% traceable, eco-responsible.

Our flagship active ingredient, HN7C™, is combined with powerful plant active ingredients that act in synergy to target specific issues:
The R range accelerates cell regeneration to revitalize, repair and oxygenate your skin.
The L range tightens the mesh of the epidermis to smooth, tone and plump your skin.
The A range rebalances melanin (the color of the skin), for an even and luminous complexion.


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