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7 molecular weights

A collagen whose size has been reduced seven times to penetrate all areas of the skin, even the deepest.

We explain to you: HN7C™ has seven molecular weights ranging from a high weight of more than 300 kDa to act on the surface and protect the skin, to a very low weight of less than 0.5 kDa to penetrate deeply. Thus, HN7C™ is an intelligent bioactive, which offers unique properties to regenerate and heal your skin at each layer of the skin.


Origin: organically fed sturgeon from the Caviar d'Aquitaine sector.
Form: a unique extraction which makes it possible to obtain a solution of fresh and liquid collagen — patented coupling of gel, native and hydrolyzed collagen — while intensifying its natural virtues.
Quality: premium
Category: type 1 and type 2 (cosmetics and nutri-cosmetics)
Research & clinical tests: 10 years of R&D and numerous tests proving its healing power (increased cell regeneration, increased healing over length and thickness) and increased density of the dermis at D+10 .
Guarantees: a very high rate of amino acids, fresh, pure (without heavy metals or pesticides), 100% traceable, eco-responsible.

Our flagship active ingredient, HN7C™, is combined with powerful plant active ingredients that act in synergy to target specific issues:
The R range accelerates cell regeneration to revitalize, repair and oxygenate your skin.
The L range tightens the mesh of the epidermis to smooth, tone and plump your skin.
The A range rebalances melanin (the color of the skin), for an even and luminous complexion.


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