DERMO commitments IONIQ
are cultivated on a long-term vision and always with respect for the consumer and the environment. We are committed to a CSR approach aimed at having the most positive impact possible, both in its development and in its actions and associations with events that meet the future challenges of our Planet and its population.


- 100% natural active ingredients, primarily organic
- 100% traceable collagen
- Revaluation of secondary materials from the New Aquitaine caviar sector of local producers and short circuits are systematically favored
- Silky and fresh textures
- Skin-friendly formulas free of heavy metals and petrochemicals
- Ingredients selected for their effectiveness and validated by scientific tests
- Effective care with visible results quickly.

“All creations from the DERMO laboratory IONIQ are scrupulously tested by specialized and independent laboratories. »
“We do everything in our power to formulate the healthiest possible products for the consumer, we have real ethics and they are uncompromising. »


From formulation to design
The implementation of a CSR approach does not stop only with ingredients and formulations. Our packaging has been designed in an ecological way, is FSC certified, and our bottles are made of recycled plastic.

Our green commitment
Since 2020, we have been committed to an environmentally conscious approach, to preserve our planet and its precious resources. Alongside Resforest'action, a major player in reforestation in France and around the world, we participate in reducing the carbon footprint and waste, in particular raising awareness and mobilizing each of our respective communities in order to act for a sustainable and the sustainability of thousands of forests. A veritable green but also economic lung, the forest is the source of nearly 500,000 jobs, and many benefits that contribute to human development (public health, well-being, development of social ties, etc.). Thus, Resforest'action acts simultaneously in the service of the environment and the general interest thanks to its positive impact both on local populations and on the development of environmental services favorable to the community.

All these actions are important to us and aim to make DERMO IONIQ, a brand committed to serving nature.


DERMOIONIQ, official partner of the Abilympics

DERMO IONIQ has joined forces with the Abilympics through a partnership based on inclusion and excellence: for 3 days, we were able to proudly support and accompany more than 1,000 athletes and artisans of the French team, through of a Trades Olympiad for people with disabilities.

We want to highlight the work of the organization as well as their members, and participate in their inclusion in the professional world. Because excellence is reflected through these Men and Women in their area of ​​expertise, it is also the watchword of DERMO research and products. IONIQ: a hyphen that unites our two worlds, and that we wish to continue to develop over the long term.