THE collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the human body (it accounts for more than 30% of total body protein). It mainly composes the structure of bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, cornea, skin and blood vessels. Naturally produced by the body, collagen is an essential molecule for the good performance of our skin, because it provides suppleness, firmness and elasticity. The problem? From the age of 25, our natural production of collagen decreases. It is at this age that the cellular aging process begins and we observe a loss of skin elasticity, tissue dehydration, loss of firmness and tone. Take some drinking collagen slows down the aging of the body by stimulating the natural production of collagen.

Collagen to drink: Its multiple benefits on beauty and health

Bringing collagen to your body allows you to reactivate its own production. The body will start producing it again naturally! This molecule is much more effective when it is ingested because it allows to act from the inside and in a deeper way: a collagen cream only acts on the surface at the level of the epidermis, while in the “drinkable” formula, the collagen peptides pass through the intestinal barrier, to provide firmness and elasticity in the dermis. The main effects of a collagen to drink :

  • On the skin: Reboosted in collagen, the skin is better hydrated, plumped from the inside. The epidermis is naturally lifted, the complexion is brighter. The skin gains in firmness and elasticity. She is radiant with youth. In addition, drinking collagen promotes the healing process, the skin renews itself faster, rid of its imperfections.
  • On the hair and nails: Reinforced in collagen, the hair becomes more hydrated from the inside, the hair mass is redensified and shinier and has less breakage. As for the nails, they are reinforced and less brittle.
  • On the well-being of the body: Resupplied with collagen, the body gains in tone and vitality, bones and cartilage are strengthened, immune defenses are boosted, joint pain fades for better mobility and sensation. overall well-being of the body.

Our advice for choosing “the best of the collagen”

Some criteria to consider:

If we decide to take collagen to drink , it is better to opt for the best quality possible in order to obtain visible results, while doing good for your body. Marine collagen hydrolyzate is the healthiest and best absorbed by the human body, as it is more similar to our own collagen.

For an optimum effect on the whole body, that is to say both at the level of the skin of the face and the overall health of the body (joints, muscles, bones, etc.), it is essential to take at least 10g of collagen a day to feel the benefits. On the other hand, for results on the skin, studies show that a supplement of 5g of collagen per day improves the beauty of the skin.

In addition, the size of the collagen peptides matter! Collagen is a very large protein. It is therefore hydrolyzed, that is to say cut into small pieces, for better assimilation by the body and beneficial effects.

ELIX'SCIENCE – The natural elixir of youth with multiple benefits

After years of research, the Dermoioniq team has selected a collagen with optimal absorption properties to make its elixir of youth - Elix'Scicence .

This marine hydrolyzed collagen in liquid form has not undergone any transformation in the process of its production. The high quality of the collagen is maintained in particular by avoiding the dehydration / rehydration stage of this active ingredient, it is extracted, stored and introduced fresh.

As a result, the collagen that makes up Elix'Scicence can be considered more powerful and allows better absorption since it is 4 times more assimilable by the body than collagen in the form of powder, capsule or ampoule.

With this "drinkable" formula containing 10 g of hydrolyzed marine collagen , Dermoioniq provides a solution to support you in your anti-aging beauty ritual and on the overall health of your body, in particular thanks to the various antioxidants present in ELIX'SCIENCE.

How to choose the duration of your Elix'Science cure?

To notice real effects, it is important to take collagen over a regular period, to be renewed every year.

  • 10 day course:

You are more of the "Fast and effective" team: Then, we recommend the 10-day Elix'Science cure. Your skin is revitalized and deeply hydrated. The feeling of well-being is already felt. A real express regeneration!

  • 30 day treatment:

You are more of the "Need a boost" team: So we recommend the one-month Elix'Science treatment. At the change of season, it is common to feel a drop in vitality and you may look tired. After 30 days of Elix'Science, fine lines and wrinkles disappear, facial features are rested. On the level of the body, one notes a tonicity and a found energy thanks to the extract of blackcurrant buds. Also, hair and nails are visibly strengthened. Polydatin, the super antioxidant (major precursor of resveratrol) slows down the aging process by fighting oxidative stress and strengthening natural defenses. A real accelerator of benefits!

  • 90 day course:

You are more of the “Wish to rejuvenate!” team? : Then, we recommend the Elix'Science cure of 3 months. No more stiff joints in the morning! After 3 months of our drinking collagen , you regain mobility in the cartilage. Muscle recovery is accelerated and you feel a general feeling of well-being. Your immunity is strengthened and you slow down the signs of aging. A well-being that is felt from the inside and the outside with firmer and plumper skin. A real cure for youth!

To find out more, go to the Elix'Science page, our moisturizing and antioxidant cure

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